The Hotelier squad assemble

I didn’t miss this thread and start a new one one, you did, shut up.

Wardrobe is a weird choice for the Leeds date. Massively IN though.

Yeah, I’ll probably go to the LDN one innit.

London folk, The Dome is one of the worst venues of that size. Like a school gym with as much atmosphere. Crowding issues, noise spill. One of the venues that puts me off seeing a band.

Clash with Dillinger Exscape Plan, dunt’it?

Disagree, can always get a good view and the sounds fine.

Tigers Jaw and Joyce Manor (similarish and comparable yeah) were both brilliant there recently so don’t see Hotelier sounding poor there!

Would go but it’s a school night and cba to travel from Brightob

Gah! Busy all Jan or I would definitely be along to this. Goodness is a great album, interludes aside…

I quite like it. It is cramped, anything more than 500 would get very uncomfortable. But I like the atmosphere, and the sound’s always been alright when I’ve been there. Plus a big smoking area.

Mostly hate it for having the bar along a whole side of the venue and the entrance/exit right next to the stage. But maybe it’s also that it’s an ass of a journey for me. So judgemental.

Reminder than tickets go on sale for this at 10am.

I’ll be at the Glasgow and London shows.



Hey Yo

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How quickly is this likely to sell out?

I’m not sure if anyone I know has heard of them or would want to go.

Might just do this on my own.

That show was totally insane. :raised_hands::raised_hands:

The London show? I think they sold the Scala out very quickly so don’t hang about. Looks like Dice are still selling them at the moment.

There should be a large DiS contingent and we will probably meet at a pub beforehand if you wanted to tag along.

Yeah. Just booked my ticket.

I just had to do a 1.5 hours presentation, so was worried it would sell out before that was over, luckily it didn’t.

Meet Me in St Louis at The Dome sold out in minutes, but luckily I got tickets for the second date. I didn’t know how The Hotelier would compare to that.

I’d be up for a DiS meet. I’ve met @anon5266188 before (pre DiS), so if he went I wouldn’t be a complete stranger.

I’ll almost certainly be there before the show innit

It was really wonderful. Sad times too as I haven’t seen any of you lot for ages

Got Leeds tickets, not seen them before but expecting great things

As Southern trains have announced another strike it looks unlikely I’m going to be able to make it. So I’ve got a spare if anyone wants to make an offer.