The Hotelier squad assemble



I’ve got a spare for the Leeds gig btw, will be with a (top) bunch of lads


Didn’t know about the leeds gig til yesterday. Booked to go to see the fall in liverpool the day after so can’t really afford it. Bollocks


Gah, hate it when the US band’s token midlands gig is in Brum, but that’s the one I’ll likely end up at.


Going to the Leeds date. Quite like the wardrobe.



  • Dublin
  • Leeds
  • Glasgow
  • Machester
  • Birmingham
  • London
  • Bristol

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Glasgow on Saturday. London next week!!


Well the Southern strike is off so I should make it.






Anyone know who support is and if it’s worth it?


Crying, Hora Douse, Baby Names

Me neither


wow. Not hotelier related but just checked the promoter’s website and they’re putting on a Crazy Town gig on tuesday. Fucking hell


Hora Douse is my pal, lo-fi acoustic stuff.


Anyone heard any stage times for tonight?


sweet, might check her/him out


London is tomorrow.

There a good pub nearby we can all meet in?


Ever so good last night, despite busting a bass string.


I’d just go to Aces and Eights opposite the station and across the way from the Dome. If you want something more pubby then The Junction Tavern further up Junction Road is decent and large.


Aces and Eights is perfectly fine. Alternatively, go to the Boston Arms, i.e. the pub at the front of the group of buildings that The Dome is also part of. Cheap and cheerful.

Won’t be able to get there until late, so no pre-gig drinks for me.


They were good in Philly. Feels like something’s been missing since when I first saw them though. Probably THE CRU