The Hotelier squad assemble



No idea who’s at the London show but I reckon I’ll go to Aces and Eights for some food and then the Boston Arms after.



Anyone else think the sound was terrible? Terrible and quiet.


sounded okay at the back

they were good weren’t they. but I can’t believe they opened with Introduction To The Album


Oh yeah they were on decent form - but for me the sound was pretty poor. Technical difficulties did not help.

But yeah pretty bangin’ all in.


I didn’t go in the end. Wednesday night I do 9am to 8:30pm. I thought I’d swapped my night but apparently hadn’t (might have been when Southern weren’t running). I couldn’t be bothered travelling into London after work.


I was at the front, at one point it struck me I could only hear drum bass and vocals, and an indistinct guitar scree, like the guitars could have been playing the wrong chords and it wouldn’t have mattered


It was good, but
a) they’re a band with one brilliant album
b) everyone’s waiting to hear songs from said album
c) it’ll never be as amazing again as THAT Borderline show


yeah i think this is it, isn’t it


Nah I think Goodness has shown that there’s a lot more to them than the second album suggested personally, so I went to hear all of it.

Of course the 2nd album is better than the 3rd if you ask me but they’re a band worth watching the evolution of rather than thinking they’ve peaked.


at the risk of sounding like a dick… borderline was a greater social event in terms of there being a massive crowd of us but the show in kingston the week before was better cos we had slightly more space and there was no risk of getting kicked in the face by stage diving teenagers


I hope you’re right but I fear diminishing returns with every new record.


You could well be right but I have faith!


they released a record that was basically perfect, putting them in an impossible position

same thing happened with SUM 41


i really like Soft Animal, You In This Light, and Goodness pt. 2 on the latest record but then I listen to it and think “why aren’t I listening to Home, Like Noplace Is There?”


Ha I think I agree. Also I’ve started skipping through the interludes as they’re pretty wanky, they ruin the album a bit for me.

One of the best things about Home Like Noplace Is There (really hate that title) is how concise it is, 9 tracks, 9 bangers, all quite different, flows well. They seem to have chucked all that in the bin with Goodness.


like The Menzingers (with On The Impossible Past being their outrageously good album) I’ve listened to other stuff but within a minute i can tell it lacks the magic and not bothered

i should probably try harder huh

maybe it’s why i’m glad The Swellers called it a day when they did (i posted their good album on your facebook page… i think you ignored me haha)


(or maybe i didn’t idk)


i am terrible at facebook (sorry if you did), and i’m also terrible at music at the moment


Forgot this was happening and didn’t go, second Hotelier LDN show in a row.


but i think there’s also a thing about that Borderline gig which was so perfect, i mean we all probably knew the entire crowd and there was so much anticipation and they delivered perfectly and then after that (for me, i think), the magic was gone a little bit and that goes for maybe the new album too- it’s just not as good

i wonder how i’d feel about them if the second album didn’t exist.

i had a little chat to christian last night, he was like “hahaha you’re the girl who comes to all our gigs!”

i need to stop.