The Hotelier squad assemble



Eh? Wasn’t there but surely that’s 100% the best, most appropriate set opener there is?


kind of blowing your load too early type situation i think


Yeah ^this

I don’t go last night cos (apart from feeling lazy) Goodness (and to a certain extent the Scala show) didn’t do that much for me. I really like Home… and the first album which is a great fun punk record but Goodness just didn’t click in the same way.


i was so underwhelmed by the scala gig, genuinely thought i was gonna leave it early

think my favourite bit was when i arrived and was greeted with a million percent enthusiasm by sophiacherryx and piecesofreece (which happens every time i see them to be fair)


Yeah. I actually think the primavera Parc de Cituadella set was better but the Borderline gig was probably the best one I’ve ever been to as a “social” event. Had the feeling of an early ATP.


i think you’re right about that borderline show - it was just a thing of timing for me…i was listening to the record like daily and then saw it live and it was just amazing. not sure any other show of theirs can touch that really (also i’m not sure about the new record)


I agree, except with the show in Southampton the week before Borderline.


just want to say, I didn’t like The Goodness when it came out. then gave it another go in December and now I love it. It’s a lot more subtle than HLNPIT, but a really great almost more mature follow up. It’s not as good, though it nearly is.


I’ve only been to one gig there but the sound for that was shocking for a good part of the gig too.

sort it out, The Dome!


I didn’t think that borderline show was good, they could have done a killer set if they just focused on their good album but instead diluted it with the first album stuff


Crying were really good


They played everything from home like noplace at the borderline, the stuff they played from It Never Goes Out wasn’t as good but i’d rather have had that than a 9 song set


I guess I would prefer a more concise set with momentum and no patchy bits even if the same songs I liked got played either way


I would put Goodness on a par with HLNPIT - a more subtle affair, for sure but well worth persisting with as you have done. A very different listen; certainly a bit less cathartic - but strong nonetheless and perhaps to be approached in a different way. I think both LPs almost scrape a 9/10 on a generous day. I have high hopes for their future discography but I can’t see a repeat stylistically now of HLNPIT. I was impressed with the Dome gig; hadn’t majorly noticed on the acoustics as I was getting into it a lot but on reflection it was a but quiet (no ear plugs required) and a tad muddy.
I really loved the Primavera Parc Ciutadella gig plus the main show. That coupled with the incredible Mineral gig at Primavera and getting into American Football (despite missing the show) turned me (back-ish) onto this kind of music - before then it was just the classics Fugazi (for a long time), Rites of Spring and Sunny Day Real Estate for a few years. It doesn’t help that I;m an ageing shoegazer and none of my friends are into this kind of music but I’m really glad for this late divergence of my tastes! Enough of the life story anyhow.


Guys, they’re at it again


seems strange the venue is a lot smaller than last time, and they are supporting



just acoustic from what i can see. prob just go for that, then beer.


Wonder if he’ll play this


london show is free, you gotta install the DICE app and sign up… which i have done so see you guys there yes?


Oh nice, yeah. Got a couple and it’s just yer man Christian innit, but it’ll be alright, right?