The Hotelier squad assemble



The Dice app would only let me join the waiting list for the London gig… have 200 people really already bagsied tickets?


I’ve never not had the waiting list come through for me, although them being free means people have less incentive to return them


They could sell out a 500+ capacity gig in London I reckon. So a free gig at 200… no surprise!


Got tickets for York, nice and cheap


Yeah fair point, but they have gone pretty quickly! And the Tufnell Park show only felt 3/4 full to me but I guess that’s still well over 200 people


just got 2 tickets from the Dice waiting list :slight_smile:

what are Emperor X like? never given them a listen before


York = BOOM!!

Emperor X are…ok. Jangly politically tinged lo-fi acoustic pop-punk (first half of their new record anyway)


hopefully they’re on after Christian and I can just leave early in that case ha


Just got mine from the waiting list too. Fab.


i thought Emperor X were supporting on the Hotelier tour two years ago? they/he were/was great, will probably watch them this time (assuming i’ve got this right)


It was Into It.Over It who headlined the Scala gig (I didn’t stay to watch). Not sure who else played the first time they came over


He supported at the DiS squad show in London.


yeah, that was Emperor X. I can’t say whether or not Sophia will be joining him on vocals this time though!


pretty sure I didn’t see any of their set


did see a good chunk of their set in kingston but i think i got to the borderline when they were halfway through their last song

i wasn’t the last to leave the pub so i’d say it’s fairly likely more a few DiSers didn’t see any of it

was quite good in kingston as far as i remember - good enough that’ll at least check it out this time - but clearly not so good that i wanted to sacrifice any time in the pub the week after haha


Anyone doing the Leicester show? Only one I can do now


Has anyone managed to get tickets to the Leeds gig tomorrow night? I got York tickets a while ago but still can’t find a way to buy tickets for the gig at Santiago


My 13 year old nephew now loves these after I recommended them to him when he was asking about music.

I’m taking him to his first ever gig next week which is Green Day but I’m sure I’ll be taking him to see these at some point.


Christian was really great in Brighton last night although there were only around 15 people there (less for the other performers unfortunately)


Fiver on the door as far as I can tell.