The Hotelier squad assemble



Got a couple of tickets for the london gig on thursday if anyone wants them. I can just send them over on dice, right?


Yeah it was so good, I was one of the pricks that didn’t bother with the other acts though


Not sure if you are the lady or the dog in your avatar but I don’t remember seeing either of you :slight_smile:

I was the alpaca?


I’m the dog


This was great. Saw 'em in Leeds, bizarre little venue and chumps creaking the door throughout the acts but other than that - Christian bashed out all the hits. I was sat in front of him and asked him to play Two Deliverances (which he did), so that was ace.


Blurry photo of Two Deliverances


Who is on firstthe hotelier guy or the other one


Any takers before I send them to the waiting list?


That’s my big head!!


Hotelier and Cloud Nothings in December:

Dec 03 - Berlin, DE @ Bi Nuu
Dec 04 - Cologne, DE @ Gebäude 9
Dec 05 - Paris, FR @ Point Ephémère
Dec 06 - Antwerp, BE @ Autumn Falls at Trix
Dec 07 - Manchester, UK @ Gorilla
Dec 08 - Glasgow, UK @ Glasgow Art School
Dec 09 - Leeds, UK @ Belgrave Music Hall
Dec 11 - Bristol, UK @ Thekla


you cannot be serious that they’re playing a gig together???


Yep! Not clear if it’s double headliner, Songkick seems to think Cloud Nothings are headlining but the poster suggests otherwise:


Leeds on a Saturday eh. Shame it’s not the brude but still!


looks like cloud nowts are playing with dino jr in london so the hotelier aren’t doing a gig there

Bristol for me maybe. Or: BERLIN???


All over this at Belgrave.


Not to be the musical equivalent of the International Men’s Day crowd, but… won’t someone think of London? Please? I can’t get to any of those places on a weekday night and I’m working that weekend.


Oh my.


Got tickets to Manchester and Leeds :ok_hand:


Leeds for me, I think


Never listened to Cloud Nothings before, where should I start?