The Hotelier squad assemble



Attack on Memory


just booked tickets, trains & hostel for Leeds :muscle:


Hotelier and Cloud Nothings, together at last

12th Dec
Tuffy P Dome


oh shit


tickets cheaper on dice btw


I’ve just got dice. In fact I got it to buy tickets for this in Leeds. What a great app. There’s a bit with the door times and then a gap next to each band. Do they update that with the stage times? Cos that would be brilliant.


Fuck Dice! Had a seriously shit time with them recently.


oh no, what happened?


Just got my tickets for Glasgow. Bloody excited M8s. Away to put Attack on Memory on and get amped!


Really? They’ve been the most reliable & best ticketing outlet in the country for a couple of years now by my experience.


Well they say if you can’t make a gig you can just return your ticket for a refund in an effort to stomp out touts.

Last minute couldn’t go to Nick Cave a couple of weeks ago due to a work thing, asked how to return the ticket and got a “eh… yeah, sorry, you can’t return tickets this time”

So I was like “Ok, can you tell me how to transfer to a friend, they want to buy it off me” which was met with “Eeeehhhhhh, yeah, can’t do that either I’m afraid, sorry.” They actually said “it’s a firm no I’m afraid” and when I drew attention to their Twitter heading they said “Yeah, sorry, that’s a bit misleading I guess”


Hmmm. I thought there was a timeframe you could return tickets (and only if there’s a waiting list?).

Second part is shitty though, why the hell wouldn’t they let you do that? Idiots.


They are generally pretty good, got loads of tickets for sold out things from there waiting list and sold tickets I didn’t need anymore, but think some events have different terms and they definitely should signal that or refunded you if they hadn’t been clear


Think that ones on you really if it was last minute, bit of a dickish response but if that’s the worst experience you’ve had re: tickets I think you’ve done well!


If it had been the day of the gig I would have understood, this was a few days previous. And yes, I should at least have the option to give the ticket to someone who could use it. I made the point that they’re meant to be the alternative to the likes of Ticketmaster, but at least buying through ticketmaster would give me the option to resell.

Anyway, can understand why their service works for most and I’d obviously used them in the past with no issues but after their customer service was basically a big ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I won’t be using them again if I can help it.


I think 3 days prior is enough time to at least help a guy out though.


Nice one, 10 minute walk from my flat now as well :+1:


This has made my weekend already. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with this.


Cloud Nothings are supporting Dino Jr the folowing night and I have a ticket…thus ruling me out…wish the Hotelier would just play too - would be a superb triple bill…


yeah same, had to fight the urge to get a ticket as I think it would diminish the dinosaur jr night for me