The Hotelier squad assemble



who’s going to the london date then?

  • yes, me
  • no i am not

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Currently yes, if the Utd game that night doesn’t get moved I doubt I’ll go though


you’d probably forget anyway, right?


Hey now!


It’s been moved!




The football match that I was hoping would be moved so I could attend this recital by the bands Cloud Nothings and The Hotelier


this shows how i don’t retain information: i thought you meant the show had moved


I have bought a ticket, but I have also agreed to attend a Christmas do.



Been listening to a lot of Cloud Nothings recently. Well up for this.


Hmm I haven’t clicked with them yet


where are you starting?

should be this:


Yeah that one on Spotify, I’ll give it a few more goes don’t worry!


Got a spare ticket for tomorrow’s gig in Manchester if anyone wants it for a tenner (think face value is something like £16)


omg the London gig is NEXT WEEK



leeds in 2 days!!!


Last night was great, aside from someone with fierce halitosis stood behind my left shoulder singing loudly. Had to shoot after Hotelier though, were Cloud Nothings any good? Been trying with their latest but I’ll be honest, it’s not struck me yet.


Are Cloud Nothings headlining every night or is it rotating?


How long were the Hotelier on for?


40 mins or so, so a fairly decent whack. Some glaring omissions but still pretty good.