The "how long after arriving at work do you actually begin working” thread, sponsored by BobRickerton


I reckon ~30 minutes. Ten minutes getting changed into work clothes, ten minutes making a coffee and turning my computer on. Then another ten minutes fucking about.

Define working.

Into my emails and answering questions about three minutes after arriving, but I’ll be on BBC or DiS within 15

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almost exactly what I was about to post. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting in early, having a quick email to answer, proving your prompt arrival, before spending the next rest of the day unwinding.


Three minutes then.

same. check emails right away, reply to anything urgent. then usually a couple of hours fucking about.


Walk in, PC on, sit down ready to work. Got a slow PC so it’s at least 5-10 minutes before it’s up and running.

When I actually do anything of use is another matter. Some days right away, some days not at all.

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Did I just hear you say…THREE MINUTES?!


From clocking in, under 10 - walk from machine to my office, turn on comp, quick chat to see if everyone is doing fine, then into my first emails. 10 mins of work and then off to bathroom, get some water, start of my poll-creation plans for the day.

Sometimes never


Depends. If I have a meeting that starts at any time before half 8 I won’t go to my desk, I’ll just go straight there. If not I usually turn my computer on and set it to run an enormous report I run every day then go and make a coffee. If I absolutely cba I dick about on the internet a bit then start working after the report is finished.

In summary, anywhere between 0 and 30 minutes.

In, emails, check deadlines, try to get one task done immediately before I stop caring. Manage that about half the time.

Sometimes I’m doing emails & calls on my way to work. Other times I spend half an hour chatting shit with colleagues before I do a thing

I have a question… what’s involved in this sponsorship deal?

sometimes I WFH and today is such a day

alarms: 7:50-8:30
actual wake up: 10:30
mild sense of guilt and procrastination: 11-12
12 lunch
actual work: 1pm
evening plans: probably cancelled so I can catch up with work unless I get enough done by 5/6pm in which case I’ll reward myself for my 4ish hours of honest hard graft

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Can’t believe I missed my own sponsored thread, apologies all.

I know you’ve all been waiting on tenterhooks for my answer, and I won’t disappoint. On very rare occasions when I’m feeling productive or got stuff that needs doing it’s a minute or two - I make a quick tea or coffee and I’m normally the first in my room to get in, so there’s few distractions to stop me piling into some sweet work early.

Far more frequently, I observe my “it’s nice to have the first hot drink of the day while reading something fun” rule and browse Dis, The Guardian or any other non-work sites, spiral onto loads of other stuff and don’t end up starting for ages (upwards of an hour or two on occasion.)

Doesn’t look great typed out.

my son came back from school yesterday, saw me wfh, wandered over and watched me silently for 2 minutes then said: ‘daddy: is your job emailing people?’*

absolutely done me hasn’t he

28 years old he etc


Despite all the technological advances in recent years which should have rendered email redundant, and the range of different jobs people do, I’m confident most people with office jobs could basically summarise their work as “Send some emails.”

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Get in for 7, checking for DEF by 7.01. boring

half an hour minimum. longer if i can get away with it.