The Hundred Best TV Episodes of the Century


Seems like a pretty solid list, though I haven’t seen a lot of the programmes so can’t say for sure.

Obviously a bit US centric.


That website is an absolute nightmare to look at.


Really? It’s some web 3.0 shit with embedded videos of every episode and stuff, but I think they’ve done a pretty good job with it.


the videos have some kind of shithead flashing effect on them that make it a literal eyesore


The Buffy episode The Body isn’t in the top 100 at all? That alone makes this list terrible.


And take up half the screen on my phone.

(Also: putting I guess all 100 write ups on a single page? No thanks.)


yesssssss Desmond at number 1. don’t care about the rest of the list.


Phone wanker!

(A single screen is infinitely preferable to 100-page or even 10-page slideshow.)


Ooh, good miss.


The one where Porkpie fell through the bar?


Eh. For things like this I like it being broken down - it’s a long piece and separate pages make it much easier to walk away and come back to it later.


“Let’s include a load of reality tv so we can cover the whole spectrum of what TV is about”

Fuck off


hmm, one Better Call Saul episode and it’s not Five-O


And quiz shows? Wtf?


They’ve done a really nice job of this.


how do i get rid of the violently flashing video at the side


Ctrl+F Come Dine With Me


if you’re on desktop, right click it, ‘Inspect Element’, keep hitting the Delete key until it disappears


Like how they say Pine Barrens is the best Sopranos one and then say it isn’t. One of those opinions is correct.


Can someone copy and paste the list here?