The Hypothetical Fighting Tournaments Thread

There’s a lad here in accounts who’s got that “shaved gorilla in a suit” vibe going on and he’s only got the patents department and IT to beat, so he’d easily win the local qualifier.

That said, my mum’s a 5’ 2", 6 stone single mother from Airdrie, so if I told her that ape man had stolen my pocket money I’ve no doubt she would kick the ever-living shit out of him.


Wayne The Barnacle Rooney

Was looking forward to some top polling action in here.

What a disappointment.

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I’d beat my brother in the semis and my dad would absolute fuck me up in the family final


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there’s the guy in my office that wears the Drive scorpion jacket over a full suit, and I suspect he’s the sort of guy that might have a collection of Samurai swords etc. at home, so him, vs…

probably my grandad in peak 60s/70s physical condition. Has been jailed for fighting (the British army who would come to Guildford down from Aldershot to drink in the terrible pubs here) a few times and was apparently suspected to have illegally owned a firearm during that same period - this has never really been cleared up. Apparently it was an ‘air gun’ that he saw the need to dump in the canal as opposed to explaining what it was to the authorities.

Six man tag

  • The remaining members of Take That (Gary, Owen, possibly Howard)
  • The remaining members of 5ive (Sean, Richie, Scott)

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honestly thought Mark Owen had died a few years ago.

Oh yeah, his name is Mark.

alright, who would win in a fight out of

  • urbanfox
  • Severed799

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I’m a lover, not a fighter

I’d smash your fucking head in though (safety wink)


Thought this would be (hypothetical) diser fights

Safety wink?! LETS FIGHT

It is now

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