The "I can't sleep" thread


Got some sort of beginnings of tonsillitis or something as well. At the beginning of a four day weekend n all. Fuck sake.

Boo :cry:

We are near Mount Macedon and staying out here this weekend. It’s very sunny. 26 C

Sounds nice!

Gonna be raining here all weekend. I have two 200km rides planned but if this turns out to be tonsilfuckingitis I guess I won’t be doing anything.

Ffs. It’s 4.35am :disappointed_relieved:

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Oh well if we’re resurrecting threads with spurious YT clips:

Spurious? I posted a song about waking up and not being able to get back to sleep, totally on topic.


I got to sleep alright, but have woken up at 5.15 which isn’t ideal really. Need to work out the secret to going back to sleep again (I don’t think posting on DiS helps)

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Picking up my phone was definitely a bad idea, but I had already been awake for an hour at that point and the oppressive darkness was getting to me (hence “Dead of Night” being the song I thought of).

Can’t believe Theo violated the sanctuary of an insomniac thread by posting a steamed fucking hams clip from his daylight hours, smh.


Fucking hell Theo.

Been awake since 3:30am.
Got up at 4:30am and have been working ever since.

Steamed hams but it’s Theo being mean to @anon89873996

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I didn’t fall asleep until gone 2.30am so now I look and feel awful :cry:

I got a great nights sleep last night and it was all down to the bed and pillows - premier inns have the best mattresses (for me anyway). So great after sleeping in various rubbish beds for the last ten days. When I buy my next place I am going to spend so much time choosing the right bed and mattress.

^ extremely thinly veiled “I’m Lenny Henry” post


So near, so imsomnia

Normally a good sleeper but my ongoing marriage breakdown scenario is really keeping me awake recently. Been alternating between the sofa and our bed (she then sleeps on sofa) it’s really not helping my state of mind at all. Managed about 4 hours last night. Feel and look like shit. Any sympathy / empathy greatly received.

That sounds really shit and I’m sorry to hear you’re going through that :cry: Have you got a good support network around you?

I’ve got good friends and family around but as mentioned in other threads we’ve been together 20 years, married 10. It’s pretty horrid at the moment. We’ve been together for half our lives.

Man, that’s awful. Is it definitely over or are either of you open to trying to work it out?
It might be worth googling ‘YOUR TOWN/LOCAL AREA talking therapies’ if you feel like you need to talk to someone objective or if you’re feeling really low (which I imagine you are). Will one of you be moving out soon? I can only imagine that living together whilst going through this must make it even more difficult.