The "I-should-have-booked-today-off" Tuesday thread.

Ugh. Morning.


First day of jury duty. Wanted to wear shorts but didn’t want to risk being arrested for being sexy


“Sorry, it’s just the way they bunch up when I sit down.”


I did!



Morning all!

I should have done the prep for this class last night when it wasn’t immediately required. Currently sat at my desk waiting for the computer to update and restart, so I can then do my work and battle ESOL lecturers for the remaining photocopier paper.

I’m still off :nail_care:

Got a bit of a post winey day bleurgh.

Need to perky myself up for picnic in the park with sister and her kids.
Actually, REALLY NOW, do some work

Go see JassyD in Joseph the musical tonight.

Going to London all day with R tomorrow… exciting stuff. (He has a long list of ££ shops he wants to visit) :star_struck:



I’ve sent two emails before 9 o’clock. Where’s my fucking medal


Potentially the first bit of time at home on my own today since baby was born. Need to use it to work :confounded:

Definitely noticed the darker nights yesterday too, autumn here we gooooooooo

Morning! Last week of funemployment before I start a new job next week. Good tiiiiimes.

Gonna have to feed the cats now.

Yesterday definitely felt like the first day of autumn in Manchester. Had to wear a hoodie for the first time in about 6 months.

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Oooh, have fun blowing the case wide open!

Morning. It’s my Saturday and Sunday today, so yeah. I’m not at work. Means I’m lead parent today though. So currently doing breakfasts and mainlining tea whilst listening to Wolf Parade. Will head out in an hour or so.

Excited to do absolutely fuck all today (both during and after work)


Day off with the kids. Went for a run first thing, took the dog with me, she was unsure.

Haircut has been rescheduled for me and the youngest, so my plans are somewhat fluid. Have already sent a few work emails, obz.

Just had porridge with a dollop of smoked jalapeño jam, 10/10 would recommend

I did book today off, see ya later, suckers!!!111*
*have lovely days


SO TIRED. But in 3 weeks I’ll be snoozing on a beach in Sardinia so it’s keeping us going :muscle:t2:


Yeah I’m off today and all week actually as it goes. Got about a thousand phone calls to make today and a lot more boxes to unpack.

Have had debilitating back pain for the last 5 days or so where two of them were treated by drugging myself up on cocodamol - yesterday was the first day I didn’t have any and I’ve woken up with soaking wet night clothes and bed sheets. My pillow feels like I’ve had it in a full bath of water over night. Back pain is subsiding a bit more than before but still uncomfortable in hips/lower back and I have excessive gas and bowel movements soz What on earth is wrong with me ffs. Doctors will just say overweight/stress as they usually always do and I can’t exactly lose weight if I’m immobile. Tried to do a soft workout the other day and it made it worse.

Basically tldr stupid body letting me down as always

I need a new keyboard.

I want a fun colouful one but I don’t want it to break.

And I’m not spending a million pounds on an epimer-style one.


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