The "I think it might be Tuesday but don't quote me on that" thread

Morning DiS!

Any plans for today other than sitting in front of the tv finishing off the Quality Street?

There was talk of getting out and about, but the forecast for this morning has got worse so who knows now

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Just going to have breakfast, then I’m off to work, as per


A day of healing.

Not sure why I’m awake.


Just about to jump on the bike and go to work.

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Gettin that sweet day 2. Then breakfast near St Pauls. Tonight is one of my closest pal’s 40th birthday and I am a little scared because it’s going to get nuts. He lives by the coast so quite pleased I’ll be on the other side of the channel from yday :slight_smile:

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Just back from hellish shift at work. Back again this evening and then off for 12 days. IcandothisIcandothisIcandothis


Drove down to the TV’s in-laws last night, 5 hours of A1 joy in the rain and fog.
Today will be slow, lots of nice food, a run, and a bit of birdwatching.


Maybe I’ll go outside today, but yeah will need to wait till this afternoon as the forecast is awful this morning

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Need to not have any alcohol today.


Very much same sentiment as all those ‘i really need to get outside but oooft that weather’

This afternoon, we will walk!

This morning, more unpacking on the switch and some reading I guess.

Morning all.

The dressing gown my parents got me is the softest, warmest, most comfortable piece of clothing I think I’ve ever owned. Just sat here in it, having a coffee, with all motivation to actually do anything melting away.

This is also aided by it being absolutely miserable out. Opened the back door for Smudge to go out and wee, he padded up to the edge of the door step, looked at it for a couple of seconds, then gave it a hard no.

Parents came around yesterday, which put some structure in the day, and also pushed us to tidy the house up a bit. It feels better now.

Probably going to be a films and telly day today.


Yeah, this. WTF.

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I can’t do three days of heavy drinking and then not expect a huge crash. Think I’m probably naturally low in serotonin. So I’ll be waiting for that and consuming broccoli soup. Thanks.

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Morning everyone. I can confirm that it’s Tuesday since the bin men are collecting our bins right now which is unusual for Christmas but usual for Tuesday.

Managed a couple of brief spells of sleep in my bed last night for the first time in a while. Celebrated by waking up with crippling back pain at 5am, but managed to walk it off around the neighbourhood and feeling pretty ok right now which is nice. Got a sausage sandwich on the go. Need to spend some time today being nice to my wonderful wife.

Dawn over Sydenham.


Set me thinking this. This is probably my lowest alcohol Christmas period in about 35 years.

Can’t say I recommend it.


Morning all!

I’m going to my nephew’s birthday party and then driving home to Glasgow.

It’s been a nice Xmas but I cannot wait to be back in my own house.


We’re having scrambled eggs with the M&S pigs in blankets we didn’t use on Christmas day for breakfast.


It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid.

Glad it wasn’t just us. Mrs f was very organised this year and got the pigs in blankets in early and into the freezer. Which is where they’ve been ever since.

Morning, have slept and watched TV mostly over the past few days, had a booster and a flu jab within 2 days of each other and it made me very very tired. Haven’t left the house apart from 1 trip to a friend’s to play with the kittens so should really go out today for a walk, but idk, I really cba. Going to cut up the pineapple in the fridge and put it on top of some porridge that I will cook properly and not in the microwave as I usually do :sweat_smile: