The "I think it might be Tuesday but don't quote me on that" thread

Different for us. These were bought by my GF whilst she got the Christmas dinner stuff in M&S, but were relegated when I popped to the butchers and saw that they’d made their own, with their ridiculously good sausages and bacon.

What is this though!!

Don’t think I’ve ever seen it this warm??

Ah. We still have the butchers choice to look forward to. Maybe save them to celebrate going back to work or something.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



Yeah it is weird isn’t it. I’ve noticed our heating barely coming on at night for the last couple of days when I’ve been up and it’s proper mild right now.

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Morning all :wave:

I’m 24 hours and one LFT away from being able to leave the house :partying_face:

I know I’m a bit late to the party on this (and that people have had to stay indoors for a lot longer), and the weather’s crap, but staying indoors for over a week has been a bit of a shitter and not great for my MH.

Not sure what we’re doing today. The eldest has made her own board game! (European Tour: The Board Game) so we’ll be playing that at some stage.


Was gonna go for a ride but look at the state of outside :roll_eyes:

Got some friends coming over at noon so need to push the hoover round and tidy a bit before then

It’s not raining that hard.

Off for Christmas #2 today (my parents). Will also get to see my brother and niece for the first time in ages which will be lovely - probably play loads of board games. Looking forward to it but have had a boozy few days and they’re hardly easy on the wine so need to take it slowly.

It was when the window of opportunity presented itself. By the way I read your post thinking “wtf, it’s definitely Wednesday” :woozy_face:

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Might be taking the boy swimming if we can get it organised. Other than that, not much planned.

Got soaked walking in

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Hello everyone :wave:

Meant to be getting the train back this morning but it looks like there’s loads of disruptions due to illness :confused: not quite sure what to do. Hoping the later train won’t be affected? Hmmm

Kicking past me for not bothering to learn how to drive.

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:frowning: xxxx sending you squeezy hugs

Work are making you stay an extra 30 mins at the end of your shift for team building on Wednesday BUT they’re giving you €35 to buy whatever takeaway you want

  • Free food! Team building! Sign me up!
  • 30 mins out of my evening? Piss off!

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This poll has been inspired by real life events

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Eat the food and fuck off at the earliest opportunity

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Morning all :umbrella: Just booked a last minute night away to the Borders for later as we are in between house guests and a change of scenery feels welcome before round two. I burnt through a whole series of Selling Sunset yesterday so an intervention is needed! Going to have a breakfast of leftovers before we head though…


I’m too new to just fuck off, I’ll have to wait 6 months or so to start being my authentic self


Only half an hour would be ok. Much more than that and they can whistle