The Icarus Line



Chucked Penance Soiree on my phone recently because I realised its absence from Spotify meant I hadn’t listened to it in forever. Forgot how much of a fucking amazing album it is.

This fucking song, every time.


first two records are still great, haven’t given a shite about anything they put out after though. aaron north may have been a dick but he kinda was the band.


harsh tagging


I do what the autocomplete suggests


Listened to this myself the other week. Cracker innit


I only have the final two albums but both are great


Filthiest bassline going.


One of my favourite bands of all time. There’s genius throughout all of their albums but the first two and last two are absolutely outstanding. For anyone who appreciates Penance I’d highlighy recommend Slave Vows. Full on drawn out Stooges jams



Been looking forward to this getting a general release for a while now