The idea of a 20-something lad

setting time aside to sit at a desk and write some banter to put in envelopes and post to random people around the country. And someone walking in on him when he’s doing it, asking what he’s doing, and him responding “oh I’m just doing my banter”,

  • is funny.

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Actually laughed at this, which is something I don’t often do

A 20-something lad with a raspy voice, probably smokes a lot of weed, saying “Tweedledum and Tweedledee, mate”.

  • Is somewhat funny

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They used to use hamm radios.

I’m imaging the lad typing away like crazy like Hunter S Thompson. Has one of those old-timey visors


Sir Arthur Cobants Doyle:


Absolute madmen

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What would be the physical content of this banter?

For whatever reason, when I try to type DiS into the url bar, it autofills every time to this specific post. So I see this post every day.

does it enhance your daily user experience?

i don’t think i understood the post the first time, and now that i’ve read it a hundred thousand times, i still don’t think i understand it

so yes i think this should be the homepage for all of us


"That’s Tweedledum and Tweedledee for ya mate, ya fookin Mad Hatter!

Oi any of you lads got some roach?"

just tried to come back on DiS on my mac, and here I am again, thinking about the idea of a 20-something lad with a raspy voice or something

Remembered how much I enjoy OP

Keep thinking about this. Reckon he’s sat in the corner of a dingy pub nursing a pint of Dark Fruits and wearing a jester’s hat.


oh good, back here again

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“Anyone seen Riddler around tonight?”

[Walks through door] “Hickory dickory dock, mate”

Love this thread
Love barleysugar


Old Theo Hook, up to his banter again


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