The Ides of Marsch Football Thread - Fall of the Roman Empire Edition

Just wanted to do a really clever thread title tbh


Its about Roman Abramovich selling up btw and it is also March now



googling ‘ethical, working class billionaires’ doesn’t bring up much tbh. dreading what horrorshow is gonna stump up the cash for the club tbh.

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Haha imagine if someone even worse buys them. Haha.


Any fan movements you’re aware of? Not for the whole lot obviously but getting to a 10% stake or whatever would be significant and it feels like it would be a good “parting gift” to accomodate that

nope. said this before, but Abramovich has always been really popular.

has said all net proceeds will go to a Ukraine foundation for victims of war as well…whatever that works out as

Whoever buys em is inheriting a realm issue with the stadium as well eh

who is gonna tell him he is worth about 20 times less than he thinks…

They should bring back the cars parked behind the goal


“Flippin’ eck! He’s selling the whole bleedin’ club!” - a Chelsea Pensioner I just saw in Bo’s while I was buying a few bits.

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think the paperwork’s all done tbh - Abramovich just didn’t wanna pay the money due to sanctions and uncertainty over his status in the country

Paperwork on the new stadium you mean?

Thought there was loads still to be ironed out with it!

Liverpool seem to play whoever’s at the bottom of the Premier League an awful lot.

yeah, i think the planning etc was all passed.

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LUTON TOWN! Just guaranteed we’re gonna get a drubbing

Solly March
David May
Decem Bergkamp


Faustino Aprilla

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Stop that