The idiosynchrasies of fast food consumption

I was talking to a friend recently and they said that they bought some McDonalds and brought it home to eat.

I realised that I don’t think I’ve ever taken McDonalds home and wouldn’t want to. I only want to eat it there, or in my car or on a bench or something. Taking it home would ruin it.

It obviously makes little sense. Perhaps it’s because when I was younger I didn’t live close enough to a McDonalds for the food to still be warm. Might be an overhang from that.

Then she said she takes the food out of the packaging and on a plate. That was way, way too much for me.

  • Yes, it’s just you.
  • No, I’m like that too.

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Anyone who posts to say that they’d never eat McDonalds in a million years will be forcibly removed from the thread.

And obviously, you can’t buy from there on a strike day anyway.

I think I would say that I have eaten somewhere in the region of 65% of my most recent 20 McDonalds at home and on a plate.

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Chuck the fries on the plate, stick it in the microwave for a minute and add the burger for the last 20 seconds to heat it all back up.

would eat at home, wouldn’t use plate, thanks for asking


I don’t live near enough to a McDonald’s for it not to be a horrendous soggy mess by the time I get home.


20 minutes!

saps i’m confused at your poll

i wouldn’t eat mcdonalds off a plate and i don’t which option to choose

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I was against you all the way up until this point.

That, dear Saps, is way too far though.


Plates are very useful for putting food on


@japes has summed up my dilemma

  • Yes
  • Of course

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do you decant the drink into a glass as well


This poll is for people who bring it home and don’t use a plate EXCLUSIVELY

  • I eat it at the table from it’s original packaging
  • I eat it from my lap/other in it’s original packaging

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No, it’s because it’s already in a receptacle that is perfectly suitable for drinking out of

I consider myself a god-tier poll caster usually. Easily better than everyone else on this site.

I’m sorry I’ve failed you here.

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I don’t really understand the poll but just want to say that i’d never put mcdonalds on a plate.


If I have a burger and fries I will put it on a plate at home.

If I have nuggets or selects I will leave the nuggets or selects in the box and put the fries in the other side (i.e. the top) of the box.

I heard that tone eats a big mac with a knife and fork


Went to a KFC in (iirc) Zagreb where they had waiter service and the food was on plates. Deeply weird.

Open the burger box, decant the chips into the lid. Absolutely no need for a plate


Where did you hear that? Who the fuck is spreading this shit about me?

My closest Maccy D’s is too far away, but I’d go and buy Grubbs and put it on plates, mainly because I’d be splitting a large chips with my other half so I’d need to put them somewhere and plate is the obvious thing to put food on.