The idiosynchrasies of fast food consumption


My closest Maccy D’s is too far away, but I’d go and buy Grubbs and put it on plates, mainly because I’d be splitting a large chips with my other half so I’d need to put them somewhere and plate is the obvious thing to put food on.

  • Yes I do this
  • Burger and chips from their seperate receptacles
  • Plate wanker
  • Don’t tend to get a boxed item
  • Other

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He also uses one of those little dessert forks with a cutting edge for eating his apple pie.


I don’t eat from this places anymore but what I used to do;

Macdonalds/Burger King if I brought it home (which would be most of the time) would eat it from the box, maybe put boxes/cartons on a tray to catch any salad or whatever that falls out.

KFC or other chicken shop place or kebab shop I would put it on a plate.

Cos I’m on the veggie/vegan spectrum I rarely frequent these places now, maybe i’ll get some chips from there if I’m at a services on a motorway if I want something hot but can’t remember the last time I’ve done this. I occasionally will get a salad Subway and usually will just open it out onto a tray and it off that and let the paper catch all the salad that falls out.


didn’t catch his name but he was unreal at devil sticks


I end up with a McDoanalds 90% of the time because I’ve had too many pints and ordered it for delivery. That way I can have 2 burgers and nuggets on the side and not feel guilty


I’m not sure how anyone is making it home with the McDonalds?
Maybe the burger at a push but the chips are 100% being eaten whilst walking along. Even better if they’re scolding hot from the fryer and you’re burning your mouth but you need the chips!


Apparently when ant goes to KFC he brings a gravy boat in his satchel and puts the gravy from KFC in his gravy boat. Then when he’s finished he wipes it clean with a lemon hand wipe


Has no one ever been to a Wimpy? Last time I went to one they still served their burgers on a plate, with a knife & fork. The civilised way of eating.


McDonalds spicy vegetarian burger without mayo is the vegan go to

plus large fries and a hot apple pie


I mean it reduces waste, tory


Their burgers are for… SQUARES


That is NOT the same thing.
That’s like saying “hi guys has anyone been to a place called gormet burger kitchen?”



Most times I go to maccies it’s because I’ve been sent by my hungover partner. I’ll drive, maybe scoff a couple of chips at a traffic light but that’s about it


People who cut burgers to eat them (not for any accessibility reasons or other health concerns)

  • scum of the earth
  • perfectly fine
  • depends (explain)

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A friend of B’s ordered a Chinese the other night including a portion of spring rolls. She then realised she forgot to order sweet chilli sauce so instead of adding it to the order she drove to McDonalds to buy 2 pots of theirs. Madness.


i have had a mcdonalds delivered to my house

  • yes i have
  • no i haven’t

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nb: by a professional only. your maw bringing you a happy meal doesn’t count.


I did as a student in my old student house, but I’d feel weird doing it on my own / here


One cut, directly in half, for a burger that’s far too big is understandable though I wouldn’t do it myself. Anything else, Nah