The "I'm Done" thread


Epimer is already done, let me know when you’re done and tell us why


Looks like @laelfy is close to joining him with their post below 'ol @Epimer


I’m not sure @laelfy ever got going


I had grand plans of being nothing but a beacon of positivity today…

Took all the strength I had not to phone in sick today.

*not to fall apart


Not even in work yet and I’m done


Not done yet; going strong.

I cleared my inbox last night, just demolished a bacon and mushroom cob and I’ve got no meetings until 12pm.


Safebruv gets to work, “i can do it, i can do it!”

“hey safebruv you’re needed in Ipswich tomorrow at 9am”

Contemplates the 4 hour both way drive


I understand that your mother is regularly done.


I’m done.


You did your best.


Flights delayed at this end, think I’m gonna miss cit nnexting flight back to Glasgow. That’s done me



I think I might be done.

I made it to 4pm WITH period pains.


Think I’m done, genuinely think there might be something I’m reacting badly to in the work aircon. Felt fine for the last fortnight and I’m immediately coughing and bunged up after a few hours back in the office


Join me in the sick room we watch boxsets and drink tea. I plan to be here tomorrow


Been done for nigh on 20 years now folks