The Im_on_a_diet losing weight thread, 2018 edition

Just checked the scales - not sure it’s anatomically possible to put on 5kg in 10 days but I seem to have managed it.

Back to myfitnesspal for me!

not going for any crazy routine, will aim for 3x exercise per week minimum and losing about 1kg a month will do me

(currently 70kg, target 65) (I am 170cm tall/ 5ft8ish - no target on this)


Yeah put on 8 pounds over Christmas. Bread really is a killer.

Slowly easing myself back into a diet , hoping to lose that 8 pounds by the end of Feb

You’ll have lost 6 of it by the end of next week probably. Most of it will be water retention and bloating caused by overindulgence.

It’s pretty difficult to put on more than 2lb a week. It really is.

Put over a stone back on since that last thread about 3-4 months ago! Need to get back on it. Wife wants to lose some weight as well after baby so we can commence the months of misery together.

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93kg here.
wouldn’t mind losing about 7kg.

Just had a mince pie for second breakfast.

Not going to focus on my weight but instead to try to get a more regular exercise routine going and not take the piss with work snacking and see where that gets me.

don’t even want to look at the scales right now.

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Need to lose a few kg before the end of Feb otherwise the doc’s taking me off my pill :grimacing:

I’m fully expecting people to start giving up their seats for me on public transport :pregnant_woman: :neutral_face:


I get quite annoyed at this time of year.

I’ve had to sit through everyone shoving shit into their faces in December and then want to talk to me about diets in January and I can just feel this glare at me to start talking about how I’m going to lose weight.
The gym is massively busy, every class is full up. I went to buy fruit and veg yesterday to find hardly any on the shelves.

This is the first year i’ve not bought into either the whole YOU MUST OVERINDULGE AT CHRISTMAS or the YOU MUST LOSE WEIGHT IN THE NEW YEAR.

I’d like to hibernate now until March where everything is back to normal.


On the flipside your gym membership is probably subsidised at least in part by the New Year flubbers who get an expensive gym membership in January, go twice and then don’t bother ever again.

Our memberships are 3 months/6 months/1 year. All the same price per month.

And it ain’t cheap.

Back on porridge and fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch, white meat and veg/sweet potato for dinner. Swap beer for gin and slimline tonic. Repeat until I no longer wobble when running up the stairs.

want to go back to the gym but it’s going to be chock full of dickheads for a month isn’t it

No denying. The amount of money some people spend on gym membership vs. how regularly they use them is INSANE.

Spent Christmas in bed with i think possibly pneumonia, or in the very least extremely bad flu. Lost about 12lbs.


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Haven’t weighed myself in months, and am actually a bit worried to. Was 110-115kg last time I checked my weight.

What am going to do about it? Try and ride my bike more, cut back on bread and drink more water.

Reality, I manage this for 3 months, baby arrives and all diet and routine goes out of the window for 3 years.

my nephew is only 3 months and he’s already heavy as fuck, so reckon at least you’ll get buff arms from picking it up all the time

That doesn’t help the massive beer and bread belly I’ve going on though.

If anything I owe my gym money. I do about 25-28 classes a month for £95. Works out about £3 a class…whereas they charge £16 PER CLASS.