The Im_on_a_diet losing weight thread, 2018 edition

£95 is pretty high but if you go all the time and get loads out of it then that’s good value.

Some people will be paying that and going < once a week no doubt.

Oh definitely. I think joining a gym is great…but really a diet and a month or two of exercise isn’t really going to be doing much long term.

The only real way i’ve benefited from it is by making actual lifestyle changes. After doing that, i’ve stuck to a really good routine and diet that works for me for about 14 months now? I’ve lost about a stone and a half in the process.

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Pareto Principle ain’t it. Losing weight and keeping it off is 20% the gym/exercise and 80% diet/lifestyle choices.

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Only put on 3kg over Christmas. Knocked it down to 1.5kg already. Veggie january, low booze and lots of footy, running & cycling to hopefully get down from 76.5 to 72 by the DiS maĺlorca trip (early march) so I can ride up hills properly

I don’t know my weight. I think it’s around 70-75kg. It tends to stay the same whether I’m healthy and exercising, or whether I’m not.

I target performance goals rather than weight, so being able to run a certain distance under a certain time, or being able to complete an event or similar. Secondary goals (better posture etc) are also important. For me, I’ve found that this approach is a more long term, healthy, and more achievable way of doing it, rather than targeting a weight in isolation.

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Too much metric nonsense in this thread. Is this what we all voted Leave for?!


i’ve put on roughly 4 quarts over christmas, if i can shift 1/2 a shilling a week i’ll be pretty happy. just need to cut down those yards of bread.


no longer fit in my work trousers and have wore jeans the last two days.

considering pyjamas/ fat man cape

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Would like to lose a few kg so I can run faster. Around 70 kg at the moment and would like to get down to 65-66 by mid Feb. Should be doable.

5’10 and 11st8lbs after putting 3/4lbs over xmas. Would like to get down to 11st this year and to generally improve my fitness.

Last of the Christmas chocolate is done… I’m starting tomorrow.

Currently: massive
Target: less so

Hopefully I’ll shed a stone before the end of February. Just hope I can manage it as my last few attempts at dieting have died off very quickly indeed.

I have a gym card with work so I can go to most places for free. I’d like to, but I’ve never been before and don’t have a clue how anything works, other than a treadmill which I can’t use because of my dodgy knees.

No idea if I’d be offered an induction, and even if I was I don’t know if they’d speak English and I don’t speak the local language… so… guh.

Is there anything good in gyms for strengthening knees that I should be aware of?

you definitely would be. most places i think it’s mandatory if it’s your first time in that specific gym even if you claim you know what you’re doing.

suppose it might be different in that europe though… idk

You should be offered an induction - it’s in their interest to make sure that you don’t get injured and don’t break their kit.

Anything that targets the core down will help your knees, whether it’s muscles in the legs, or ones that improve your posture and stride pattern generally.

I’d go for non-impact stuff like cross-trainers, personally - they get you moving and encourage a range of resistance activity.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I will try to give myself a kick up the arse to finally do it.

Maybe take it as an opportunity to catch up on TV or podcasts - most gyms have kit that’ll allow you to set up a screen and headphones.

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Up to 74kg over Christmas. Ideally want to be down at 72kg ish. Gonna try and booze a bit less and eat a bit better for the next few months. Lose a bit of body fat but keep my muscle mass. Eat more fresh food, less crisp sandwiches for tea etc. Might start doing some actual stretching and core work as well.

Plan is to get lean af over the next few months. Bibshort Season is fast approaching.

How are we all doing then?
About 4kg down from Christmas, about 1kg down from November weight. Enjoying vegetarianism and running lots :+1:

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Weighed myself yesterday and I have actually gained a few pounds.
I’m fairly sure it’s muscle tho (been lifting heavier since before Xmas) and I’m happy with my body so who gives a shit.


Bad couple weeks in all honesty. Easy come, easy go.