The Im_on_a_diet losing weight thread

Well, the 2011 DiS Saddlebags winner (me) has put even more distance (and weight) on in the 5 years since I was crowned. Weighing in at a competitive 17.5 stone! Whoa nelly!
I’m really tall (6ft 7) but that’s still…whoa Nelly!

This thread is to inspire and shame me into losing 3 stone in 3-3.5 months. Is that even doable?
Gonna go on a brutal diet, will still do almost zero exercise, so gonna shift the timber through diet alone. This isnt about a healthy lifestyle change, it’s about looking hot.

You can use this thread to inspire/critique/insult and post about your own journey to being svelte and hot (but if you take the limelight away from me and my dadbod to ohhot then I might ban u)


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That’s quite heavy for a human being.

All the best, captain.

No booze, less carbs, moderate exercise = BINGO.

Imagining you as DI Sleet from Murder in Successville now, how close is that?

Yeah booze is gone, has to be.
Might take up the old ciggies for weight loss medicinal reasons. Was so bloody slim and gorgeous when a disgusting filthy smoker. Killed my appetite

just go keto

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Oooft. Don’t look that big. More of a classic dadbod. Thinnish legs and arms. Commendable gut

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He’s more BURMA than fat though tbf.

i’ve gotten tremendously fat in the last while, all on the belly. i thought starting a new job and walking half an hour each way to work and back every day might take care of it but it’s not as easy as i hoped

I’m doing something similar, lost half a stone in two weeks which I’m pretty pleased about. Haven’t weighed myself since as I haven’t been great this last week.

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I’m entering RBURMA territory. This must stop!

To make this mildly interesting let’s all guess how much I’ll lose by 3 months,say by 15th August.
Winner will get a Krispy Kreme donut gift card RRP £13.45

2 st 8. I believe in you.

-2 stone

Fucking hell mate! A strong opening bid, I…I believe in me too…I won’t let you down*
*I will let you down

3 stone in 3 months is possible, but you’re setting yourself up to either fail or put it all back on immediately. set yourself a more achievable goal and change what you eat in a way you can actually stick to in the long term.

if you’re after looking hot, bear in mind that losing loads of weight too quickly can leave everything looking a bit… saggy

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don’t think that’s a healthy way to frame it and you will be setting yourself up for failure.

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Yeah, but think how much fun putting it all back on will be…just the best 3 or 4 months.
Also people look really old when they lose loads of weight. Still, I’ll sort out all the healthy lifestyle change stuff after I’m super Hot!

My two cents: you’re making life a lot harder by deciding just to diet and not exercise. I lost a stone and 3/4 when I started running regularly, and all I did diet-wise was ‘eat more healthily’ in the most basic terms. You can probably achieve it through diet alone but it’s like sitting a maths test and deciding not to use a calculator even though you’re allowed to.

it also means if you have a ‘bad day’ and get takeaway twice in one night you can just push yourself to exercise twice as hard the next day rather than feel like you’ve undone 10 weeks of diet

In my experience, nobody loses more than 3lb a week on average over any long period of time. I’ll say…1st 10lbs.