The Im_on_a_diet losing weight thread

Have you got a local park run? I broke my leg a few years ago and got quite unfit due to mostly sitting on my arse eating massive bars of chocolate and watching all of Netflix. It worked for two main reasons, there were loads of really earnest runner dickheads that I despised and the hate powered me through, and also there are people who don’t even give a shit about trying so you’ll never come last (my absolute biggest fear). Just don’t talk about it, don’t talk to anyone when you’re there, and sign up with a fake name.

Takeaway twice in one night! I’m not an animal!
Agree on the exercise though. Once I’ve moved house and stuck an exercise bike in the garage I’ll do that, but that won’t be for at least 6 weeks I’d say, and I’ll be renovating a house, so probably won’t do much

I will be living about 2 min walk from a big park which I’m sure will have that. I hate running so,so much though. So much, I’m too tall! Might kick the swimming off again, but after I’ve lost a bit

i reckon losing weight is like 90% diet

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And 10% diet pills?

good luck


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Thank you, would you like to enter a guess for the Im_on_safari Krispy Kreme comp?

Yeah, proper hammering it is awful, but a gentle jog is alright. Takes a few outings before your lungs stop burning. I only really do half an hour at a time or less (usually less) as anything more is basically an excuse to get involved in dogging. I used to really enjoy swimming but the local pool is so shit.

Mate, I hope you get what you want out of this or whatever but the idea of wanting people to “shame you into it” is really sad at best and downright dangerous at worst.

Lose weight if you want to lose weight but, honestly, try not to frame it like that as it will be enormously damaging to yourself and to anyone who has any similar concerns reading this thread x


2st 1lb


that said…


Yeah, was just a bit of a joke. Not sure anyone could shame me into anything and not into fatshaming or getting down on people overweight. Just wanted something down in writing to remind me and have a bit of fun/challenge

I’m a few pounds over 15 stone (which was, for a long time, my “hard limit” that I would immediately rectify if I went over) so I feel you. Really want to knock off at least a stone, but I’ve just eaten two cookies and am on my fifth beer of the day so…

Need to get the running back and make some smart food choices. I’ll do it if you do it (I might not do it though).

Yeah,15.5 stone was my weight then…well, I don’t know what happened, there was cake and crisps at my desk and more cake and beer and It was great, but it has to end. I will definitely probably maybe do it. You know what’s fun? Carrot sticks! Yeah, yes :cry:

I had salad for lunch the past two days!

Plus those bags of mini Double Decker bits. But given I usually have those bags alongside a triple sandwich and crisps, that’s a win, right?

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Just stop eating lunch and breakfast


I don’t even eat breakfast :neutral_face:

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Halfway there mate, then think of the rest as sweet sweet poker tokens