The "I'm raising money for charity thread" (rolling)

Hello. Not sure if this has been done before or not but I thought we could have a thread for people to link to when they are raising money for charity? I know it means A Lot to so many of us, and what better way to show it!

In August I am going on a very long bike ride and raising money for a refugee community centre in Athens. If anyone would like to donate the link is here:

Thanks for anything you can contribute! I have also said I’ll match the single highest donation too.


Good idea for a rolling thread IMO

Thanks mate

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Thanks so much! Whatever you can be spare is hugely appreciated.

I’m not so good at raising money - I’m terrible for asking people to sponsor me - but I do give up some of my time a couple of times a month to help look after the sheep that the council graze on it’s protected chalk grassland sites. Does that count?

That does count! Is there somewhere that the fine people of DiS could donate some money?


Got very confused here as to how antpoc knew I was the middle born child, and thought it was worth mentioning in his good luck message


It’s not really a money thing. If anything, I posted it partly as a “I might be a bit rubbish for doing charity stuff, but I’m doing my bit really”, but also as a “If you’ve got a bit of time, why not see if there’s any volunteering opportunities that suit you” because it needn’t necessarily be putting in the hours in an Oxfam shop, or working with a group of disadvantaged people.

Ah, I see! Well that is excellent and hopefully in encourages others to do a bit to help if they can too :+1:

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Great stuff.

Good luck.

Enjoyed the comments/moniker combo from ol’ Ma DOTS.

Going to bump this as donations have slowed somewhat.

Thanks to all DiSers who’ve donated so far, I think you have outnumbered IRL friends in your donations (if I exclude the anonymous £100 donation) so cheers. Truly a GBOL x

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Also @Aggpass caused me to have this confusing chat with an old friend

:slight_smile: ‘I don’ t know any other angus’s’.


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Had a real mind blank, don’t associate that name with you at all for some reason.

(Thanks though!)

This could be a very effective fundraising tactic if you do it to other friends.

That’s actually a great idea

Hello I made it somehow. Thanks for your donations pals! x


Hello! Just giving this a bump. I’m doing two half marathons for Shelter in March. Currently recovering from spending all Xmas with some sort of flu type thing so I’m dreading these a little at the moment. Almost halfway to my target though - help me out? X