The Immaculate Conception (stuff you've recently learned redux)

Think that’s how a fair chunk of the population’s ancestors got there tbh tbf…

until yesterday I thought spark plugs were the things you put on a car’s battery to make it start again

Massively misread this, thought you were saying they were closer to NZ than they were to London and spent a shamefully long amount of time trying to figure out how that could work


^This has tickled me :+1:


I think the clue’s in the name pally

Me too. I loaded up google earth and everything :expressionless:

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course it is mate. brb just gonna pop out for some leopard print paint and a glass hammer for my boss.

maybe in terms of outlook on life.

Wait, what?

Looking forward to that extra day off?

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For Mary’s conception?

That Pui from cbeebies was Po in the teletubbies


Same here :confused:

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Nah, mate. They’re both not that far from London.

She’s ace. Our kids were big fans of Show Me Show Me when they were younger.

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On a similar Cbeebies theme, The Secret Detective from Spot Bots was Noodle in the original Gorillaz line-up…

erm…so did I :frowning:

In that case, I’m going to put it down to my bad posting. Let me amend to this…

Glasgow and Edinburgh are both closer to New Zealand than London is.



i grew up catholic but i don’t think i realised the above until a couple of years ago. and had forgotten it again until now. i never paid much attention in mass tbf.

I went to catholic church every week for about 15 years in my youth and didn’t know this.

And I’m still not sure you’ve not just edited the Wikipedia page.