The impact of music and technology on the environment

Currently doing some digging into this to try to get my head around it and this just blew my mind


How BTS and Blackpink Spotify streams add to climate-change problem – the energy used generates annual carbon emissions so big, whole forests need planting to offset them

And yeah I know carbon footprint was a marketing thing from oil companies… but still!

This was a really great read from last year

New Statesman data analysis shows the carbon footprint of Spotify streams of Olivia Rodrigo’s hit single “Drivers License” since January 2021 is greater than flying from London to New York and back 4,000 times, or the annual emissions of 500 people in the UK.

This graph really struck me but read the article for more context


How much energy does it take to shoot off a single tweet? Not that much, according to Raffi Krikorian. Earth2Tech tells us that the Twitter developer recently gave a talk at Chirp entitled “Energy/Tweet,” where he claimed that a tweet consumes approximately 100 joules of energy (0.02 grams of CO2 emissions). That means Twitter’s carbon footprint is relatively low–the 50 million tweets sent out daily emit one metric ton of CO2. In 2006, a single American family emitted an average of 24 metric tons of CO2 from home energy use and transportation combined.

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If anyone is as interested in all this stuff as I am, the Sounds Like a Plan podcast hosted by Fay from Savages and journalist Greg Cochrane is well worth a listen. They had Brian Eno on the most recent series, which I’ve probably shared on here before Sounds Like A Plan podcast | Linktree

thanks for the awesome information.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if more people are encouraged to download their albums and playlists for offline mode to stop them pulling the data from servers every time they play them