The 'impossible burger'



This new ultra-beef-like veggie burger.

Apparently it’s a mixture of potato and wheat, coconut fat, Japanese yam, vegetable broth, xanthan gum, sugars and amino acids and a key protein called leghemoglobin. Sounds…er…yummy.

As a vegetarian who hates the taste of meat this is obviously not for me.


absolutely pumped to try one of these bitches. they sound loooooovely


I’d try one.


According to the company, the Impossible Burger uses 95% less land and 74% less water than a conventional burger. The greenhouse gas emissions generated in creating an Impossible Burger is 13% of that of a beef burger.

That’s impressive. With figures like that, I wouldn’t see it as a food for vegetarians, I’d see it as a food for meat eaters.


Sounds interesting but surely would’ve made more sense for a meat eater to go and taste it. An endorsement that it tastes exactly like meat is pretty meaningless coming from someone who hasn’t eaten meat for 30 years innit


yep - “We sent a vegetarian to see if meatless burgers can convert carnivores”



this sounds ace!


Please get this in my life!


It would be interesting to hear about costings. Even estimates from the company would be useful.


It’s the elephant in the room innit, the fact that it’s not mentioned at all suggests it probably costs an absolute fortune


Leg hemoglobin?


At NY burger restaurant Momofuku Nishi it was priced at $12, which equates to about a tenner. How does that compare to the usual upmarket burger place?


That’s really impressive. If that’s a retail price that makes the producers a profit, why aren’t they ramping up production of this thing? I’m sure loads of retailers would be keen.


Maybe a deliberately low loss leading price to encourage a large demand that will keep that price via large orders?

It doesn’t make much sense otherwise, no.


Ah a gut-destroying combo of coconut fat, yam and xantham gum. Will prob taste great though.

Those same ingredients are what the tasty vegan cheese replacements are made of, and they make a good chunk of people including me pretty sick.


Yeah, that’s why I said “if”. I imagine it isn’t at the moment.


There is tasty vegan cheese? The stuff I’ve had has always been abominable. :mask:


I’m all for this. Looks great.


They should just replace meat with this and not tell us.

Have a few ‘farms’ that are for display but it’s actually just a pretend front and in the back is just a lounge for the cows.

Then in like 15 years be like guys you haven’t actually been eating meat and by that time no one can really argue


I feel bad for you, son