The Impression That I Get

This song just came on in the office and it immediately made me think of this place and @shucks (someone I’ve never even met, but I get the impression that he’s never had to knock on wood).

Please reply to this thread every time you remember this song, or it comes on somewhere, or you just feel everyone needs a general pick me up. If any song deserves its own thread on the Music Board, it’s this one.


This is a good thread.

I heard this song at a pub quiz recently. It reminded me of DiS and made me feel good.


Such a great track.
Fond drunken memories of Feet First at the Camden Palace or NASIN at the Borderline ever time this track comes into my mind.

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I heard this song on the radio about a week ago and I thought of DIS

I still have no idea what the wig joke is all about, despite asking several times and receiving answers that made no sense at all - they seemed to involve a footballer with a wig, but what’s that got to do with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones?

I don’t think they have any intrinsic connection. There was an ongoing joke on the boards because an AFC Bournemouth footballer lost what looked like a hairpiece during a game. Someone’s wig falling off became shorthand for losing one’s cool during an argument on here. (It was mainly used against I’m_On_Safari, as he is an AFC Bournemouth fan).

The link to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones is that someone on here edited the Wiki page with a load of DiSism etc. Most of it got edited back, but for a while there was a fourth track on one of the singles called “Wig’s Fallen Off!” which didn’t get spotted. It was there for a few months before being removed.


ah thankyou! now it all makes sense

I have had a conversation with a colleague this very morning in which this song came up. My colleague was not interested in talking about the song and we instead went on to talk about the Fun Lovin’ Criminals.

It wasn’t until reading this last month that I realised there’s a comma in ‘Never had to, knock on wood.’

This is for the music board

Only realised recently that there was a comma in “I never had to, knock on wood.” Blew the meaning of the song open for me it still makes no sense


Just went through the same journey reading this post

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Indeed, they have never had to (knock on wood) rather than they have never had to knock on a bit of wood.

You think you’ve got it tough - I’ve still got no idea why this song is A Thing on here.

not that great of a song outside of the in-joke though is it?

It’s nonsense but it’s also a pretty fucking great 3 minute pop song imo

don’t get me wrong it’s fine, pretty good even, 7/10ish

just on at work now!


*Wipes away a tear * I am honoured, @ma0sm :smiley:

It’s such a fantastic song, never get tired of it, always makes me feel instantly good as well, a bit like Feeder’s Just A Day. Say what you want about ska punk, there’s some absolute stonking bangers in that genre, you just need to know where to look to find the good stuff.

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