The Inaugural Evening Thread of the New DiS boards - 24th Mar

Evening all!

How are you?

Tell me what you are eating and doing tonight.

I ate a bean chilli with nachos and am playing football in an hour.

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can we call this DiS 3.0?

i’m playing online scrabble with my good friend patrick



Housemate is cooking us a bolognese. Then I’m going to watch Wales play Belgium in the football before rounding off the evening by putting the bins out.


I’ve been to B&Q and am now outside Sainsbury’s. Seems weird to be out in the evening


I’m about to play around with my new pedal that this forum literally forced me to buy, and then I’m going to have an early night. Pretty rock and roll.

Evening. Going to cook some burgers and I thought I had a nice free evening but I’ve now got to get something prepared for tomorrow morning so I’ll have a sulk about that



Hello everyone, feels fresh and funky up here in NewDiS! I am, as normal, working. Yay!

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Hello :wave: watching masterchef, and just ate meal no 3 out of my meal subscription. It was very nice and surprisingly filling. It is the most exciting thing in my life at the moment :laughing:

@tilty no photos, I keep on eating them and then realised too late I should have taken a pic.

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I would like this please :blush: please post pics!!

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Good evening Social board!

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when my thread gets moved back to ‘social’


Hello! I am huddled in front of the fireplace while the literal storm is still raging outside. Should start easing off a bit soon though, but still going to right windy for a while.

Have been wearing my new purple home-knit jumper most of today but without having done the last finishing touches, so I am now weaving in the ends etc. Obviously posting in the knitting thread once it’s had a little wash and a stretch :nerd_face:

My brother arrives here tomorrow! :heart: Should get him to join a film club

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Hahah! What thread was it? :joy:

Ordered bao, ate bao.

Discovered The Felice Brothers

This song is so good

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  • Fake n shite

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I’m having fajitas to celebrate the new boards


About half an hour ago a colleague, who would normally (pre-covid) be sat at his desk right by the entrance to the conference room I take all my meetings in, finally replied to an email I sent them …on February 9th!

Never stop believing


Screw you @japes, just realised the only aritsts I know you like are the 2 times we’ve been at the same gig

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i’m going to have potato waffles with my fajitas

My sink is fucked so I’ve used that as an excuse to order a Quarter Pounder meal and twenty nuggs.