The Inaugural Thursday Puritan Thread

Hello and welcome to the inaugural Thursday Puritan Thread, established as a strong moral objection to our culture of Filth Threads and definitely nothing to do with me being lonely or procrastinating.

This thread is a place to hang out with fellow puritans to discuss all things puritan! Please note that I have set out a platter of stale wholemeal bread over there on the east wall, but dare not ye take of it for it is a test to weed out the heathens who should be tempted by its brazen whole grain wiles.

But now on to the order of business:

This week’s puritalking point!
What’s your polity? Episcopal, Presbyterian, or Congregational?


If it was physically possible to slobber over your own genitals, would you try it at least once?

  • Yes
  • Of course

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I laughed out loud and dribbled on my thigh.

Close but not close enough.

have you noted the table of stale wholemeal bread?

well, have you?

the inconvenient moisture is punishment enough for the devilrous mirth

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Gah! So you have supped from the teat of my Christ-righteous morality prank! Why, you are no puritan at all!

Horsehair britches

    • Inappropriate attire to enter into covenant with God
    • The Lord of Lies has bewitched your house

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The poll is now open for all to see, secrecy being the devil’s sweetmeat