The Incredibles 2


It’s good. Not quite as good as the original although not far off it.

The only thing I’d say that isn’t exactly a spoiler is

the film makes an assumption that they don’t know Jack Jack has powers

And this can make a couple of sequences seem a bit odd until you click.

It’s no big deal, though.


not seen first one


Maybe the best Superhero film ever made.


they are all shit so that aint hard


I’m sure a serious film about how shit our lives are will be in the cinema for you too.


When’s I, Daniel Blake 2 out?


I believe it’s called “Et 2, Daniel Blake?”


II, Daniel Blake


2 Daniel 2 Blakeious


The Daniel that wouldn’t slow down


(daniel) blake’s 7


Daniel Blake II:Back In The DHSS


Blake: Trinity


This has very much done me jook
I’m imagining a guest turn from big wes snipes


The man is probably well up for a socialist film


I, Daniel Blake 2: Beyond Thunderdome


Daniel Blake 2 - Electric Bugaloo


I can’t work out if this thread is successful or not.


Really nervous about it. The original is my favourite animated film and one of my favourite films generally (which feels like a slap in the face to my mum, who worked at the Disney store when I was a kid and brought me up with SHITLOADS of Disney memorabilia. Still love Disney but the Incredibles is just so fucking good)


Honestly it felt seamless in terms of style etc. I love Incredibles so much.