The "insert colour" Album

A bit of a Dave Greenfield tribute if I may. I’ve loved The Raven album by The Stranglers for many a year and it is their true ‘Black Album’. Many bands with longevity venture into an album that has this feel. A Black Album, a White Album, you’re a clued up bunch, you get my drift.

This tends to appear when the band are settled and experiment a little and it’s never their first album, more like album 4, 5 or whatever so needn’t be named after a colour necessarily.

This runs the risk of confusing album artwork for feel, but I think Pisces Iscariot by the Pumpkins would have been their green album regardless of the cover. Each song on it (whether soft or heavy) has always been green in my mind, while none of the other B-Sides or outtakes from the Gish or Siamese Dream eras are. It’s probably a part of why it feels so cohesive and is the perfect spring album.

Similarly, but probably unsurprisingly given how others have pointed out the similarities between Whir and Century, Big Thief’s U.F.O.F is their green album.

Two Hands is their blue album, but it’s hard to articulate why, especially knowing it was recorded in the hot desert. Each song feels like it has a blue glow to it.

Yes, sorry if my initial post was a bit vague. I was meaning that kind of vibe you picked up on and also straight up albums actually titled ‘Black Album’ etc. Good choices.