The 'International break is over now' Football Thread

Right, back to the real shit now eh?

Leicester miss out on Adrien Silva after FIFA say they missed the deadline by 14 seconds! Ouch!

Some big matches this weekend eh? City vs Liverpool, Aggsy vs Ruffers. How will those ones go?

Is FIFA’s decision on Silva final? Hopefully it can be sorted out, seems rubbish for the player as well as LCFC.

Julio Baptista going to Bolton. It’s like the Allardyce days again!

They’re appealing it. Rules are rules though…

FIFA Rules are not Rules, Ant! Someone get a brown envelope ready, immediately.


Literally impossible to see past Cardiff, obviously

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Still thinking about my England starting XI tbh. Got this so far:




–Beardsley—Sherringham-----Le Tissier–



You’re playing Shearer in goal? Dion Dublin might be a more versatile choice.

Edit - I can’t wait for more lobster puns.

This will be the fourth consecutive televised #MUFC match I’ll be unable to watch due to life commitments. Probably the same next week as well. What’s the point in following the most over-televised team in the country if you can never watch??

of course not m9.

Shearer in goal is alright - not sure about playing a back 3 in front of him though

come on lads dont ruin this serious discussion.
pretty pleased with my back four tbh. pace and guile on the flanks and solidity at centre half.
Fucking delicious supporting 3 behind super al.
Centre mids possibly a weakspot tbh. Maybe that’s where the dube-meister is needed.

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Don’t think he’d qualify for England, M22…


actually the more I look at it the more I think this team would beat the current England team about 5-0.

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surely David ‘Jamo’ James, best striker turned keeper going

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I think there’s an argument that City v Liverpool has become the most entertaining fixture in the Premier League. There was a terrible 1-0er last season, but generally speaking the games have been excellent - a right few 2-2 draws, the late 3-2 the year they won the title in February, their mauling of us at the Etihad two years ago.

Spurs v Chelsea probably next best for me, but i’ll open up the question to you lads…

wait, is collymore the keeper then? I can get on board with an all forwards team but I cannot and will not get on board with you formatting your team upside down

is that upside down? I’m really disappointed about that, feels like a great post ruined. :frowning:

Newcastle vs Huddersfield

Think we’ve been in an era for ages where that ‘Disappointing Big Game’ thing just hasn’t really been true. North London derbies are nearly always goal-filled bonanzas, been some excellent Manc derbies from a neutral’s entertainment point of view for ages now, Arsenal Liverpool always seems to be mental etc

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