The Irish Politics Thread


haha. so weird how a certain class of irish elite are so reverant of varadkar.

he did do well at the start of the pandemic, helped by his background, but he’s just awful in every other respect imho

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amazing that the actual Taoiseach has done it 2 days in a row now :smiley:


Hahhahaha why even bring up Woody Allen. Baffling on several levels



This isn’t great either

Madigan is a fucking disgrace for a human, even more so than our usual shower of chancers and eejits.

(Hello again Theo! Seems I’m on Australian time now I’m on night feeds.)


Ah yes, the world of no sleep.

Well I’m getting ready to log off for the day. My daughter is desperate for someone to talk to.


New PBP logo. What the fuck were they thinking

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That’s a real bag of cock, fucking terrible

Was this the old one?


WTF is that?

Yo, @FontaineYouGotaSon, will we change the title to The Irish Politics Thread?


That is the old one. Not sure why they traded it in for a cock and balls

If there’s one thing Irish left wing parties like to do, it’s rebrand themselves

It can be pleasing to look at the endless name changes the old Workers Party went through over the years

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Varadkar saying yesterday that he keeps emails but always deletes all his text messages and whatsapps as a matter of habit, chinny fucking reckon.

(Unless of course a good proportion of his phone messages were him doing dodgy stuff :thinking:)

Hard to believe that’s good practice in government. Then again Leo is particularly leaky, or so it seems

Interesting poll ahead of the election next year. I doubt the TUV will translate their support in this moment to any meaningful progress, but it certainly tightens the thumbscrews on Foster. Alliance doing well won’t help the DUP either.