The Irish Politics Thread

How is anyone in Dublin voting for FG, let alone the biggest percentage. Surely even the Tory vote share goes to ff? And non tories vote for literally anybody else. I don’t get it.

Fontaines DC fans.

Always knew they sounded too good to be true.

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just got in pissed and saw the news :crossed_fingers: :sob: :ireland:


Had it predicted to me earlier this week that Ireland would be reunifying with the UK in the next 20 years (in response to me saying there’ll be a united Ireland within 20 years, probably earlier) because Brexit will be such a success that Rep of Ireland will want in on it.

Don’t think Nostradamus has any competition right now tbqh


Ireland to raise corporate taxes. Britain to turn into the new ireland corporate tax haven post brexit?

obviously the Brits are at it all the time in various different ways, but the regularity of these predictions lately is absolutely peak at it


Is Varadkar not a GBOL?

Saw a headline earlier this week which suggested he’s not as popular inside Ireland as outside it.

Couldn’t tell you what he’s like on policy but always found him quite statesmanlike, common sense and intelligent whenever i’ve seen him on the idiotbox.

He’s basically davey Cameron.

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yeah I can see that being the impression but underneath the image he’s a deeply unpleasant man

He’s an absolute gowl, leading a party of gowls. Absolutely lacking in empathy and hell bent on funelling money out of public hands and into private interests.

Massive neoliberal shitehawk, had a reputation as a cabinet minister of demonising welfare recipients, downplays housing crisis and bends over backwards to give tax cuts to corporations while proposing complete nonsense housing solutions that amount to glorified bedsits

I mean you could say this about a lot of centrist and centre-right politicians, it’s almost as if policy matters


In all fairness, we only really see him in relation to Brexit, which would make any person look decent compared with the with absolutely mess we have atm.


Yeah I mean that would be the one issue most Irish people would agree he’s done well on, but it’s not an election issue here at all really, as most parties would take the same stance on that. Which makes those braindead analyses by Andrew Neil etc all the more hilarious.


Anywhere I can watch results come in? Was planning on doing stuff outside today, but thinking I might just stay in now.

Player’s behaving itself a bit better for me today

spot on! worth a follow if you’re on twitter


Jack Chambers on the telly, makes me want to hurl :face_vomiting:

29-year old Fianna Fáil anti-choice TD, complete creep


what was up with the Greens running an anti-choice candidate as well? Idiotic stuff.