The Island 2019

Anyone watching this this year?

The addition of £100k cash drops around the island changes rather changes the whole dynamic eh?

It’s gone from a celebratory ‘triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity’ programme to a nasty little contest rewarding greed, shitbaggery and fucking other people over. Just what we need as the country is increasingly divided the world is going to hell in a hand cart, more cynicism. Well done Bear you bellend.

One episode in and I’m pinning all my hopes on Mano to restore a little faith in humanity.

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Ben is a bit of a wazzock isnt he!! And that Ivar, a Lord needs money for his school fees ffs!

Just seen your name on the credits I assume, maybe

Going to be hate watching this I think.

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Might watch this tonight :eyes:

People would definitely be getting shanked over those cash boxes without cameras around.

I’m hoping that there’s a twist at the end where they reveal that the limited places on boats off the island are voted for by the British public. Everyone who’s spent the last month screwing everyone else over is stuck there for good with only the money and their fellow backstabbers for company.

It all feels a bit grubby so far. I’m not sure I’ll stick with it unless it improves.

That Ivar is just the worst of people. Makes a big public show of how he doesn’t want the money and it should go to those who actually need it > within a day is actively covering up evidence of them having found a cashbox > one day later has abandoned all intentions about helping the group and is just motivated by trying to find and hide more money.
Says “I’m not usually like this”. No mate, you would like to think that you’re not normally like this but this is exactly what you are - an entitled freeloading shit.
Ben, yeah a hunky wazzock. I hope the image of him manically celebrating his greed into the camera at the end haunts him for the rest of his life.

What the two money grabbers don’t seem to have realised is that whilst they’re off looking for money it’s the others finding water and food and keeping the fire going and without them they wouldn’t survive. How have they not realised that already?

Ben probably still has some residual credit from the group from leading them to a campsite anyway, but I think they do realise, they just don’t care.

They can go off feathering their own nests for the day and return in time for pineapple and limpets prepared by the others without any repercussions (yet).

This is exactly the type of show I don’t ever want to watch but I will put myself through it if it means Eric’s terrible job wasn’t in vain.

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Hate the idea of this being turned into a ‘fuck-each-other-over/scrounging-for-coins shitfest’ but I did sort of watch it last night.

It’s all going to go Lord of the Flies isn’t it?

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Think you mean marco. Ben is the piss-drinking double glazing salesman.

Oh yeah, him. I can’t remember their names yet and I presumed when you said Ben was a wazzock that you were referring to soldier boy.

The pee drinker just seems like a harmless wally.

Anyone watch this tonight??

Yeah, the marine guy is a proper sociopath isn’t he. Does not give a shit about anyone else.

Mountbatton is just a spineless toff who’s happy to be swept along in his wake. I’m guessing the marine will screw him over at the end and tell him he’s having all the cash. He’ll just sit there gurning back at him and accept it without a fight.

It’s pretty bleak stuff.

No idea who this Ruby was that they announced at the credits had got sick and left.


She was the blonde lass who was grossed out by ben drinking his piss in ep 1

You didnt find any redemption in jack resisting the dark side?

Them bites :grimacing:

Did you see dom joly’s post on twitter? :nauseated_face:

Warning: fucking disgusting


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My word! :scream:

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Yeah, I suppose it did. It was good to see someone still exhibiting decency in the face of temptation. He provided a way for the other two to return to the camp as heroes rather than villains, though I guess that’s not his fault.

I saw some accusations online that he was a misogynist for needing to be the saviour of the women and older islanders, but I think that’s a really harsh take. The retired florist is there horribly dehydrated while they’re withholding a water source location because it’s suddenly ‘survival of the fittest’ :grimacing: