The 'I've checked out of work for the year already' thread


I’ve spent an hour looking at wiki pages relating to deaths on movie sets.

Read a lot about the legal proceedings on this one:


trying to find something we can compete at on here


We could do the dis avatar sprocket game again since a lot of people’s will have changed - would make it tricky


Started out with good intentions to do some dev work but all the environments are out of sync and there is stuff in UAT but with no project files?! can you believe it?1!!! So am looking on gumtree at mirrors mate


a good time for some reflection.


I checked out weeks ago in truth.


Not that I’ve been doing much in the lead up to this moment but I’m currently 10mins away from finishing up, getting the fuck out of here and that’s me to the 4th and I am beyond joy!


Been off for two days already. Currentlt watching Jack Frost.

There is a scene where Henry Rollins shouts at kids while Gary Glitter plays in the back


YES. I have loads to do but given that it is is a few days until Christmas, in addition to which the company I work for recently announced the cancellation of all Christmas parties, cancellation of yearly bonus (AFTER the annual goals have been completed) and mass redundancies in January, I am finding it strangely hard to be motivated. Given that I don’t get a bonus whether I achieve my goals or not, what’s the fucking point?

Usually I am not someone who slacks off work even when I’m working from home, but fuck this.




After Friday I’m off until like Jan 10th, which will be ages, and I had planned to set up loads of stuff to run while I was away, but my boss is being flaky as fuck this week so there’s pretty much zero chance of any of it being signed off, so I’m just kind of coasting, with a vague worry that I’ll come back in the new year and get a bollocking for not having done any of the stuff. It’s a pickle.


iirc that actually took me forever to make


I’ve got two more things I need to get done before I can leave until the new year. Still can’t bring myself to do them.


just eat the penguin ffs, they’re not THAT bad*
*they are


I’m fucking busier than ever here. This bloody start-up’s had half a million orders in 2 days. There’s like ten people in the company :grimacing:


what they selling?


sent maybe two emails yesterday, just to show willing. also had a nap for half an hr (i was wfh) so swings and roundabouts i guess. my colleague (whos in next wk and dgaf about xmas) has just asked to go through a load of stuff with me, like work that i need to do and that. i said to him i dont know how much ill get done before the end of the wk, the subtext being that he’ll have to go through it again with me in jan coz i wasnt paying attention. i hope he got that but i dont think he did


expensive phone shit


I haven’t done anything but open documents and add a few words to them this week. I’m a disgrace.


I know literally nothing about phones