The Jazz Cafe


The Roots are playing there next month, tickets onsale on Friday, are they the type of venue you can get pre-sales for usually?


What date are they playing m7?


2nd and 3rd, friend. Two shows on the Sunday by the looks of it. Very concerned about getting hold of a ticket given the size of the place.


Ooh! If I can get tickets to this would go very nicely for a long weekend back in London with my Arcade Fire tickets on the 4th. Not holding my breath though. If you find any hint of a presale then let me know


Will do pal. Keep everything crossed for me as well.


Will do, and obviously if I hear of anything will let you know :v:


Ticket for the Monday secured, you have any luck pal? @littlebirds


shit. i forgot


bloody election


Got two tickets to the late Sunday show!


Nice one!


so bloody glad you reminded me. cheers mate!! all sold out now. maybe got the last two thanks to you :slight_smile:


:sunglasses: Happy to help


Bloody love Jazz Café. And love that it’s become the go-to venue for rap acts of yore. Saw London Posse there the other night. Always such a good atmosphere.


Aye, it’s a great place. Can’t wait for this, should set my Roots live experience to rights after the disappointing Brixton Academy experience


When was that? I haven’t seen them in years. Since they were still touring with Rahzel in fact! Must be late 90s…


Couple of years ago. Was so hyped for it despite knowing what a shithole Brixton Academy is, they were good but the sound was just awful.


Ah right. Sound is decent in Jazz Café. Well, it’s tiny so that helps obviously.


Can’t wait. Love that it’s only a few weeks away as well, big fan of gig announcements that aren’t like three months in advance of the show.



Rooting around in my box of old tickets and found…

No year, but pretty sure it was 97.