"The Jester From Johannesburg"

Mr Funny South African Man

Famous Saffers who aren’t sportos or politicos:
Charlize Theron
JM Coetzee
That bloke from the film that says ‘Prawns’ in a SA accent



Yeah, pissed myself earlier.

The essence of man

Neill Blomkamp (director of District 9, Elysium)
Sharlto Copley (star of District 9, also in Elysium)

Sharlto is your Prawn man

Christian barnard (heart transplant dr)

that one who says “no alan you can’t” but it sounds like something else

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Ah yes, of course! “fookin’ prawns!”

Oh yeah, he’s probably my favourite.

Lethal weapon guy ‘dip-lo-matic ammunity’

I realise one of these isnt a saffer, but my friend has now seen both jonty rhodes and john torode in the flesh.

Which one has a bigger willy?


What are these people on?

The southern hemisphere?

Joss Ackland, he’s English, just does a good saffer accent.