The jogger who knocked a woman over


should be a bit more really


this is why a high proportion of joggers ultimately end up driving buses


Mate, I live in London.


Hopefully attempted murder.


I presume that’s the biggest charge that can levy, what else would there be?


It would have to wash with them under my proposed ‘pedestrian license’ or they’d be getting three points and a £50 spot fine.


Also, just because it’s rare one gets the chance to say this: props to the bus driver.


But you would have to have grounds to prove there was a deliberate attempt to take a life, unless he has a diary at home in which he wrote TO DO LIST: THROW A PEDESTRIAN UNDER A BUS TO ENSURE THEIR DEATH, it’s pretty impossible to stick on him.


nah, it’ll be “jogging without due care and attention” or something, if attempted murders on cyclists are anything to go by




Something something wider jogging community


But then there’d be less room on the pavements.


Was watching some professional joggers going for a 5000m jog on the telly last night, and even they kick each other and squabble over nothing.

Worst people.


quite a few people on a facebook thread containing this footage trying to argue that the woman sticks her leg out to try and trip the jogger up.


how do you see the same guy jogging back across the bridge 15 minutes later and do nothing to end his shit right there? just trip the cunt and sit on his face until the plod get there.


Put your hands on the bridge and get ready to die


“citizens arrest jogger man! have some arse in your face! citizens arrest!”

“mate i don’t think he can breathe…”

“and you, and you, and you!”


In all honesty this might be one of those rare cases where prison might be an effective rehabilitation method. You’d have to think he’d learn quite quickly how to avoid bumping into people when out jogging in the exercise yard.


What happens when someone pushes someone else in front of a train?


Have I missed a dance craze?