The jogger who knocked a woman over


“nah m8 she tried to trip him up and the planes were holograms cuck”


You not seen that ‘Citizens Arrest’ video, where the old boy is shouting at a family in the car and tells them to “Put your hands on the car and get ready to die”


it was also a dance craze around april like gangnam style


Yes I have. I was being humorous.


Appears to be a visual artifact to me - if you slow it down to 0.25 speed and watch the already slow motion version you’ll see that her leg moves in his direction because her upper body’s been pushed in the opposite direction in the same frame - his arms only appear to be pushing a frame later, but it’s obvious it’s already happened.

In anycase, even if she had, there’s no excuse for him not to have passed at a safe distance rather than veering towards her, let alone pushing - there’s plenty of pavement there for him to pass her at a distance where she could’t have touched him at arms length had she tried.


alright prime suspect


I want to know what the Google man of letters thinks about it. And Elon Musk. And Trump.


That her head is in line with the bus wheel is so awful and props to the bus driver.

Whether it would be attempted murder I guess you be having to prove he knew she would fall in front of traffic/a bus. Which as it’s behind him would be hard to prove.

Talking of dickheads who barge into women this has reminded me; last year I was in Amsterdam crossing at a pedestrian crossing, not too busy and a middle ages guy coming the other way deliberately shoulder barges my gf as we’re crossing.
She’s mentions it and I look back once we’re at the other side and I’m watching the guy. Then a young female cyclist goes past him on the cycle path next to the pavement on the other side and he hit’s out sideways and punches her in the small of his back. Hard enough for the lady to fell as she looked back after.

I wanted to go and have a word with him (and his wife) but it was a big road and he was gone by then.


If you look carefully you can also see that they’re both actually Robson Green.


British Waterways, who look after canals and tow paths, has a list of rules which says exactly that.


and the bus was the illuminati


ytf do you know this


Remind me. Who was it that got pushed in a canal?


gail platt


@casinobay cycled into a canal


That guy off eggheads’ victim.


It would be up to the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it was the intent of the suspect to kill the person… which I imagine would be easier to prove than in this case because the likely outcome of being pushed in front of a train.


Yeah if he had looked behind himself and done a significant push to the woman that could well be attempted murder. A shoulder barge where he could say it wasn’t intentional that she fell, let alone into the road… I guess they’ll go for actual bodily harm or something.


What’s the likely outcome of being pushed in front of a bus then?


He’ll be disappointed with that