The jogger who knocked a woman over


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They were in a tin bath at the time


Police have found the alleged assailant already. They said it was a pushover


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Not mine I must clarify.


It’s not good! But the circumstances are different - could he know the bus was coming, how fast it was, if she was close enough to the road, did he make a deliberate move, etc etc… I mean this is all for the CPS to deal with, I’m sure if they had grounds for an attempted murder charge they would have gone with that, but they have a duty to prosecute only what they think will be successful.


how hurt did she get? cause for GBH there has to be serious harm & you have to prove it was deliberate. think for ABH you only have to prove it was reckless, but she still would’ve needed to get pretty badly hurt, might just end up being battery or something


A couple of years ago I did see a cyclist knocked into the canal by a jogger who ran onto the tow path from street level without stopping to see if anyone was coming. Passers by helped him and his bike out. I don’t think his laptop survived.


A lot of the language surrounding this is annoying me. He didn’t ‘knock her over’ like it was an accident, it’s obvious he’s deliberately reached out to shove her into traffic.



As i’ve always said, people who go jogging are despicable human beings.


I always comfort myself with the fact that it always looks like they’re having a horrible time.


Why am I not surprised?20707971_10154599616931901_7483912346711581542_n


He’s a banker alright.


owe my girlfriend a fiver, had a bet of banker vs estate agent


The suspect is a partner at a Mayfair-based private equity firm. That’s not an investment bank.


What happened to that fella?


he didn’t end up making an arrest


So apparently this dude claims he was the US when it happened and another dude has been arrested?


In rhyming slang he’s still a banker. :wink: