The jogger who knocked a woman over


idk that seems like a failing of sentencing rather than an argument for manslaughter existing as a crime


And the famous Chris Rea defence: “M’lud my client states that he was merely driving home for Christmas when someone fell under the wheels of his bus.”


I’m sure we all think this Wagamama cheese is a solid twat, but we’re far too quick to assume guilt nowadays. Might be him, but ‘ah well’ in the event that it isn’t doesn’t cut it. There have been some pretty gross cases of trial-by-internet recently where all hasn’t been quite what it seemed.


he’s a criminal by virtue of what he is. whether he tried to kill another person is incidental. he’s a gardener of human misery anyway.


^ Not a fan of Wagamamas


You’re thinking of titchmarsh


Nobody else bewildered about why the fuck he pushed her? Like a moment of temporary madness where he was like “woah imagine if I push this woman in the road” and then just did it? Nobody just goes up to strangers and pushes them, it’s really weird. Are we certain it’s not somebody who knew her and had a grudge?


a man (walking) high fived me whilst I was on my run earlier this week, and for a brief moment I felt like the Prince of the universe

this was in Brighton though, mildly less hostile



*Why are white women voting for Trump?


Pure entitlement. She was too close to his preferred running line.




he ran into her because the only thing he can dodge…ARE TAXES!



we already established his guilt up thread somewhere, aren’t they paying attention?


i think we all owe an apology to the investment banking community


Bellquist blatantly pulled one of these didn’t he


Anti cyclist bigotry needs to be stamped out.


Is there not some kind of “putting another person’s life at risk” charge that could be used here? I literally have no idea, but shouldn’t that be a thing???

Also obligatory:


I was walking with my then boyfriend on the two path of the Regents Canal one Sunday afternoon as two joggers passed us. I said to him, “They really don’t look like they’re enjoying it, do they?”

I thought I’d said it quietly enough to not be heard but one of them turned his head and said back to me, “No, I’m really not enjoying this at all” with a look of despair on his face.

That was all I needed to know.