The john lewis xmas ad is here!

  • load of shit
  • didn’t click the link

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And I thought this week couldn’t get any worse.

new dis tells you when people click the link so i’ll be able to tell if you’re lying

It’s all over Facebook

Can some please confirm if a Bowie or Prince song has been used?

Never heard of it

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Hope it’s not too intimidating.

not sure I’ve ever seen a john lewis xmas advert.

is it a facebook thing?

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you usually have to own a television

and where do you buy televisions???

Exactly: John Lewis.

THIS country.

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there’s a dog in it

I enjoyed it. But its nowhere near a tear jerker like the other ones.

Nah they went with a Vic Chesnutt cover

On the back of this, I’ve just blown 5k at JL. They’ve done it again!

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that’s an expensive trampoline

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Guys, he’s watched the ad! Get 'im!


well atleast its more light hearted