The joy of CEX

Picked up any good bargs in there recently?

This afternoon I scored Pacific Rim on Blu-ray for £1!

Did you know Charlie Brooker is one of the founders?

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Got a blue and black New Nintendo 2DS from there recently, slick little machine

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recently set up our Wii… got another nunchuck and steering wheel really cheap from Cex and Zelda for £20 :slight_smile:

I use them to trade in games I buy off Facebook marketplace for profit, then use the credit notes to buy rare games I really want on their web store. I’m scum


Not been there for years but used to love it as an avid teenage dvd collector. never got why people are so snobby about it


Staff are pretty consistently friendly and helpful too in my experience


Actually this isn’t true i bought a refurbed phone there last year. phone got smashed a few weeks later but that was my fault not theirs

I use it a lot for films, it’s absolutely amazing for Blu-ray. Loads of stuff that isn’t on streaming is in there for really cheap, and it saves you huge amounts of money for niche stuff (anime) vs p much any retailer selling things new.

Got myself one of these the other week as well!

It came with a sticker right on the screen that has left a big horrible residue :angry:

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Is in not full of stolen goods?

Blu tack will take that off and leave no mark.


Will that work for game/Blu-ray cases too? It’s the reason I never bother with Cex. I have a…thing about stickers - the residue is a mark of their evil nature!

The Bridge full box set
King of the Hill dvds

Recent cex purchases

Yup, it even works on paper.

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“Full” is probably a bit unfair. I expect up to, oooh, 3% of their stock was traded in legitimately.

Heard a lot of stuff about them being awful to work for as well.

Don’t think it’s full of stolen goods at all, you have to provide photo ID and proof of address when you trade stuff in and hold it on record. No small time crook nicking small consumer electronics is going through that faff when there’s a thousand other places to get rid of stuff a lot easier (and honestly you’ll get way more money, only value in selling stuff to CEX if you’re getting credit).

Also, it’s been about 20 years since anybody was out there burgling games and videos. I’ve been broken into a few times over the last 10 years and never has the games been touched (fucking mugs tho those burglars, they could retire on some of the rare Pokémon games I’ve got, if only the poor fools knew).

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dunno, I’ve worked in retail for twenty plus years and in every town I’ve been in, CEX has been the first destination for shoplifters to get rid of their haul. The ID and address thing is meaningless, they’re never checked or confirmed and they’re certainly not connected to any other databases. Maybe it’s not the most logical way to maximise the return on what you’ve nicked, but in a lot of cases the shoplifters are users just looking for quick cash to get the money for that morning’s fix so they don’t get dragged around the back of the pub and have the crap beaten out of them for not paying later. It’s just one of the many shit outcomes of shit drug policies (not saying all shoplifters are addicts of course, but addiction is definitely a driver)

Stopped going in when they stopped selling CDs