The ‘Keep Cardamom out of food’ support group thread

When it comes to food, I think DiS is still at the “food for people who” level of take. (With the exception of the Sunday Food thread which is lovely)

Personally I quite like a bit of cardamom but I like anything with a bit of fragrance to it.

No it’s really nice

Decent whole cardamom and proper curry leaves are the essential indian spices, everything else is just a nice to have

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I stand corrected.

Not really but life’s too short to argue about this foul pish

99% of fizzy wine is gross.

See also: dark chocolate. Avocado.


Cardamom is lovely. And black cardamom is one of my favourite smells, can’t stop sniffing the jar


Love cardamom, it’s delicious you heathens


When you’re a vegan dark chocolate and avocado is a big part of making things taste better and boy does it work

Also I will not stand for any avocado slander :triumph::avocado::green_heart:


There must be something else you can use that doesn’t taste like soap.

Avocado tastes really bland imo so it’s a good thing to bulk foods up with, they were selling it with tiny bottles of green tabasco in asda and now I love it with a bit of green tabasco

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Got some chamomile sleepy tea by another brand. Riddled with cloves and cardamom. In the bin

That sound awful tbh, not a good mix. Whoever made that blend was a fool

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Nice attempt at ruining tabasco.

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This one is good

And am really not into any teas that aren’t English breakfast. Then got another one and there it was, cardamom #myteajourney

Not a fan of that one tbh but I did used to buy it to let me rats nibble and suck on the wet tea bag as valerian is their version of cat nip

There’s a cocktail recipe I want to try for an old fashioned using cardamom and star anise, not sure I’ll enjoy but worth a go at least

Do I know what this is?

What does it taste of?

As long as you don’t end up crunching into a whole pod, it’s fine.

tend to split the pods with my teeth, get a very strong taste then

I dont mind it there as a flavour but they need to be fished out