The keepers


Forgive me for being overly enthusiastic but

this looks really, really good


This looks up my street, thanks for drawing my attention (and the attention of the wider community of course!) to it


Not into this true crime stuff, sorry. Or made up crime stuff. Or stuff.


give a shit



No, not really.


no i’m saying


Hi saying.

I’m going to leave now. Enjoy your nuns.


Bye man. I will. Enjoy…your… nones?


Hi xylo. What’s this thread all about?


a new series, ‘the keepers’, which largely focuses on a dead nun


That sounds sad. :frowning:


it’s actually a romantic comedy


I wrote a great post, probably on the old boards, about the problematic nature of this wave of true crime, can’t believe it hasn’t been adopted in a bunch of chin strokey think pieces yet.


Did it use the word “fetishise” anywhere?




Then I imagine I would have agreed with it.


is being interested in WWII fetishisation of murder? The Napoleonic War? Communism?


fuck even i can’t be bothered with that line of questioning. As you were eps. Seen any good cats on the way to work today?


I’m working from home, after giving free legal advice to local entrepreneurs​ in order to live to to my nickname of “the Scottish Mother Theresa”.