The ‘keeping Im_on_safari entertained while he is in the pub on his Tod’ thread

Go on then

  • Bit needy
  • Very needy
  • Actually know you are very well liked and successful so this is a bit of an honour actually!

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Hello @thewarn good to see you!

What you drinking, chief?

Yes! Likewise!

Thank TFI that it is Friday eh!!!

How long you anticipating this pub sojourn to last?

I am drinking a vanilla porter! 2/5
What should I get next?

  • A sour, because you don’t really like them but there must be some good ones?
  • A cider, oooofffffff really
  • IPA
  • Something adorable sounding
  • Lager for the lads
  • Go home
  • I’m not going to encourage you drinking even though this is maybe only your 7th drink this year

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Remember TGI Friday endless appetisers?! Who am I kidding, of course you do!

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Quite sleepy tired. Another 5 hours?!* #lad
*30 minutes

I think ‘needy’ is bandied around far too much. I got called needy by a former friend for what I realise now was just asking to be treated decently.

I realise this is a lighthearted thread, just felt like making that point.
As you were.

Oi I_o_s, you in one of the trendy micropubs you have down your way?

Yes. There are quite a lot round my way now. Can think of about 5 taphouse setups within a few miles. At The Way Outback which is a good one. Great pub dog, owner and some decent beers🍺

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There are a few around there now. all Hail Ale (shit name) looks decent too

You’re going to ruin this terrible thread with your considered analysis of the word ‘needy’*!!!
*yes, I agree it’s a horrible term

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Ah shit, and the Wight Bear. Good in there


Beer lobby?

Faucet apartment

Yeah that was my first pint but the local old boys were running through Philip Schofield, how vegans won’t handle animal products on tills and other fucking nonsense so had to leave

I just went to an assembly on Windsor Castle so if you need to know anything?